Tech education should be based on solving real-life problems. That's why we've chosen FinTech as the context to introduce coding to girls in an intensive week-long course for 12 - 18 yr olds.

The challenge

There are many people who don't have a bank account or credit score, yet need money to finance businesses. Is there a way people can lend money to each other and assess credit scores using social media and other tools to determine risk? Design a mobile app that allows people to request loans from their friends, with the app automatically computing a credit score for them using data available from their digital footprint.



Henri Arslanian is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Hong Kong University's Masters in Finance program where he teaches graduate classes on Entrepreneurship in Finance and FinTech. Based in Hong Kong, he is the Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships at APrivacy, a leading FinTech start-up, and previously spent many years with the UBS Investment Bank Capital Consulting team in Hong Kong, where he assisted finance entrepreneurs with every aspect of setting-up their own fund in Asia from early stage investor seed deals and fund structuring to institutional capital raising and international expansion.