Tech Star is a 20 lesson “Introduction to Coding” course that introduces computational thinking, linking them to real-world applications.



(Cool stuff, of course!)

Coding opens up a world of creation. Ever wanted to create your own app for your smartphone? Make a 3D game? Your options are truly endless.

Here are the technical skills you'll pick up:

  • Sequencing Loops and Variables
  • Conditionals Functions
  • Inputs, outputs and operators
  • Algorithms
  • Data structures and data processing
  • Program structure: expressions and functions with variables
  • Abstraction  
  • Debugging, IDEs and basic strategies
  • UI/UX Design
  • Higher order functions/libraries and APIs
  • Error handling and testing
  • Event handling, forms and data processing
  • Modules and client/server architecture

Where you can find it

Crescent Girls School

The Tech Star program was taught to 250 girls in Sec 3 in 2015 at Crescent Girls School in Singapore and will continue in 2016 with a new cohort as well.

Tiong Bahru Community Centre

21C Girls helped launch the Tiong Bahru Coding Club at the Community Centre in July. The Tech Star program will be available for 9-11 year olds starting Jul 2016 and will be taught by Computer Science student volunteers from NUS High School under the supervision of their teachers and our mentors.