Which skills must we learn and teach others so that we are empowered to be creative with new technologies, yet also use them with ethics?

Our Mission

21C Girls delivers free coding, artificial intelligence and robotics classes for girls in Asia based on the philosophy of Seymour Papert and John Dewey. We believe deep learning occurs by going beyond the syntax of technology and relating it to the world around you.  Your mission is to equip yourselves and fellow members of the 21C Girls club, headquartered in Singapore, with the skills, knowledge and network you need to lead future industries.




Computational thinking involves being creative and productive by using the logical and analytical power of technology. Our teaching is based on conceptual understanding of technology. The spirit of technology is independent of the tools we temporally associate with it.



All projects will involve elements of design and engineering but depending on the domain, it could contain disciplines varying from movies to geography. The cross-disciplinary nature of technology not only encourages collaboration with others, but also imbibes the habit of systems thinking in general.



Technology is ultimately a language of creative expression. Prototyping is an essential skill for being an entrepreneur and also instils the values of persistance, comfort with failure, and scenario analysis, which are essential to leadership and management in a complex world.



The yin and yang of technology have both benefited and haunted humans over the centuries, catapulting us forward in progress, but also bringing destruction. The ethics of how to use technology are fundamental to any education about it.